Dan Frazier

Born September 28, 1945. He received his BFA at the University of Colorado and remained in Boulder teaching Art in the public schools for 20 years. Leaving the teaching profession he started illustration in the Gaming industry in 1990. With the support of his wife Kathy, he managed to acquire enough work to soon become a full time illustrator. Dan learned Classical Academic Painting with oil in the manner of the Renaissance masters.

Now, he is a very happy artist who works out of the dining room in a new house that “Magic” built. He loves his life and is taking time to explore fine arts. If he were to retire, nothing he does in his life would change.

If you really want to email me try dfrazier at danfrazier.com

His Team

My team…. the people whom I respect and who help me do what I do.

Lisa is the owner of Mercury Framing. She has been my framer from even before the opening of her shop, Mercury Framing. She has solved many problems for me and made my clients very happy as a result.

Quality Custom Picture Framing | Mercury Framing | Boulder Colorado

Mark Aronowitz of Mark’s Artist Signature Service and Other Elves and Goblins has been a valuable source of advice and he can help you get signatures, card alters, playmats, and more.


Dan Frazier Self-Portrait, NOT on a Magic Card
Dan Frazier Self-Portrait

Some of you want to know what magic card I am on.

Dwarven Nomad, for which Dan posed.

I posed for Dwarven Nomad, painted by Mike Kimble. My image does not appear on any of my own MTG cards.

I am not the model for Solduvi Simulacrum but I do have white hair and a white beard.

Age of the Joker

EdGuy, a heavy metal German rock band asked me to do a CD cover for them. The result was “Age of the Joker”.

EdGuy Age of the Joker Album Cover

And in the Fall of 2011 EdGuy toured Europe, using the Joker image as the stage backdrop.

Edguy performing live on stage during the “Age Of The Joker Tour” at Stechert Arena in Bamberg, Germany on 27 October Foto: Hans-Martin Issler Verwendung nur gegen Honorar und Belegexemplar