If you want FULL SERVICE:

This goes through Mark Aronowitz, my agent, and can take longer than the Quick and Easy scenario below, but – it’s full service.

This includes

For these you need to contact my agent, Mark Aronowitz. He knows my schedule, workload, inventory and prices. You can find him on Facebook at Mark’s Artist Signature Service. You can reach him by email at serra3@optonline.net
After contacting him, if you need to send him anything, please send to:
Mark Aronowitz
88 Blake Ave.
Bohemia, NY 11716

Signatures, Quick and Easy.

Quick for you– You mail your cards to me and I usually have them in back in the mail the next day.
Easy for me– All I have to do is sign your cards and put them in your SASE and put it in my mailbox.

IMPORTANT!!! Dan Frazier is not responsible for cards, whether eaten by dragons, gnomes or the United States Postal Service!
Cards without a return address or SASE will be considered donations.

This is for signatures only.
Signatures are $5 each and $10 for double signatures.
Cash is good, checks are not. You can email me at dfrazier@danfrazier.com

Postal machine critter eating cards

Mail to: Dan Frazier
4853 Fountain St.
Boulder, CO 80304

Include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope for USPS. I do not do FedEx or UPS.
I do not insure your return envelope, nor do I do international mail, where I would need to spend two hours going to the post office and buying your postage and filling out customs forms. If you want your cards insured on their way back to you, or have them sent internationally, please see the FULL SERVICE section above.

Five to seven cards is a good number. If you send too many the postal machines may eat the lumpy envelope.

Please include a note that says you want signatures even if we have chatted about it on email or Facebook or you are a repeat collector. Assume I probably will not remember.